Broker Affiliation & Compensation

To Our Customers

Auto insurance is regulated by the provincial government…. Thank you for your business. SmartCoverage Insurance Services Inc. (SCIS) would like to make you aware of who we are and how we are compensated.

SCIS is a privately owned insurance brokerage without financial affiliation to any individual insurance company.

SCIS receives compensation in two ways. First, a base commission is paid by the insurer on the premium we charge you that relates to the work effort, underwriting and other policy administration expenses borne by SCIS. This base commission will vary from 9% to 20% depending on the product line and insurer. Second, a contingent commission may be paid to SCIS if an insurer represented by SCIS achieves certain underwriting results. The methodology for calculating the payment will vary by insurer, but generally the contingent commission, if paid, will range from 0.25% to 2.2% of the premium that SCIS produces for that insurer.

SCIS represents the following insurers:

  • Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited
  • Traders General Insurance Company
  • Elite Insurance Company
  • Pembridge Insurance Company
  • Pafco Insurance Company
  • Royal & Sun Alliance
  • The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada
  • Jevco Insurance Company
  • Economical Insurance
  • Perth Insurance Company
  • Travelers Canada
    • The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
    • Chieftain Insurance
  • Zenith
  • Aviva Traders Insurance Company
  • Elite Insurance Company
  • The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada
  • Pembridge
  • Travelers-Dominion
  • Economical
  • Royal & Sun Alliance
  • Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
  • Elite Insurance Company

Your insurer will be providing you with a Consumer Code of Rights and Responsibilities that will be forwarded to you with your policy. If you have any questions regarding the above or any aspect of your insurance please contact us at:

Email: service@smartcoverageinsurance.ca

To have your policy serviced please call: 1-800-268-7649*

Or write to us at*:

SmartCoverage Insurance
P.O. Box 489, Station A
Windsor, ON N9A 6M6

*Ontario and Alberta residents

Quebec call: 1-877-388-9898

Quebec write to:

SmartCoverage Insurance
501- 2540 Boul. Daniel-Johnson
Laval, QC H7T 2S3